Oxford Liquor Store

Have a graduation, birthday, tailgating or any special occasion coming up? Kiamie Package Store can help you choose the best wine and liquor fitted for your event. Our employees are educated on our inventory and know the newests and most sought after wine and spirits in the area. On game days, we have all you tailgating needs from liquor to wine and everything in between! We are your one stop for beverages for your special events.  

Want to pick something up after work, no special occasion is necessary! Maybe you just want a delightful glass of wine paired with your dinner, Kiamie Package Store has everything you may need.

We are now offering liquor delivery services at Kiames Package Store in Oxford. This is a new service we are able to offer and are excited to get alcohol and beverages to your door. When planning for a party or special event, we know it can be difficult to know how much beer, wine, and liquor you may need. With alcohol delivery services, Kiamie Package Store can bring your beverages while you keep the party going and continue celebrating. Now that Kiamie Package Store offers alcohol delivery, you will no longer have to run an errand to purchase alcohol but can simply order your favorite wine or beer while cooking dinner! Take a look at Kiamie Package Stores Website today for all information on alcohol delivery in Mississippi

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